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Windows Vista Beta ULI and ATI Drivers

Posted on June 11, 2006, 3:03 pm EST

As every developer and average user on the pc are curious what Windows Vista is about. I decided to try it myself to see how good it is.

The installation user interface changed completly. They made it in a way that any user could actually format their own PC. That is a good part since everything went smooth during installtion. It took only 30 min which is fast for a size that big.

Some problems I had were ULi SATA drivers and ATI VGA drivers. I happened to solve the ULi pretty quick. Obviously a OS manufacturer cannot place every single Sata driver to be included within the installation so I had to go fetch some drivers that were compatible with Vista.

Recently nvidia released nice drivers for ULI, you could download them from here:

You should select the first option which are the newest drivers. You should extract that file and view the SATA directory within. You would see all the ULI drivers, I selected the newest driver and choose vista. I copied them to my memory stick directly on root. Once I finished copying, I went back to my installation and placed my connected my USB. Everything went fine and the SATA drives were shown to the screen.

Another problem was ATI x series. I was searching for 3 horus online, and finally it appeared as a bug within ATI. They havn't updated their drivers. So I was stuck with no drivers... So I was forced to reinstall the old Windows XP.

Vista is neat, new, and unique... They kept the interface simple, but powerfull. The best feature I like within it was the quick search. On the start bar you type anything and within seconds the application or file will be shown. The annoying part was the Administration priveleges, a popup appears everytime I access a secure checkpoint (like C: drive, desktop, etc) it is annoying once you have like 10 after each other.

Other then those issues, I love Vista and looking forward for Beta 3 and Final Release. I just want them to fix the ATI driver support :(

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