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CSI 3317 2005 J2EE Bank System Source Code

Posted on November 23, 2006, 12:07 am EST

Since my project was number one in all classes for the database management course last year by a good percentile, the professor this year decided to make me a TA for some tutorials. So I decided to do place the source code online.

The Application


The source code is free to use for non commercial purposes. The source code which will be placed online would be for educational purposes. It is under the GPL license. It was deployed within the Eclipse platform using JBOSS application server. I used the JBOSS Eclipse IDE to simplify deployment and development.


Note that JBOSS and Eclipse has many problems with the version control, hence I decided to follow this structure using Netbeans IDE.

Contents of Organization

Within the zip file the servlets are located in \src\bankapp\web\ and the web.xml is located in the WEB-INF directory, \web\WEB-INFweb.xml. Now, I used XHTML and CSS for the presentational layer, but you could use traditional HTML 4.01. My jsp files are located in \web\docroot


I have provided the source code since I TA'd tutorial slots for CSI 3317. I have used a a 3-Tier Architecture and more information about it is given within the ZIP file.

The first Tutorial session was explaining how to create the Web Application project under Netbeans and the terminology between Servlets / Beans / and JSP. I showed how to create a sample web database application which was a login system. The user press the link (get method) to login and enters his/her information, and if successfull, it sets a session and routes him to the main.jsp page. The source code for that tutorial is given below.

During the next session, I will show the class how to make a simple forum, where users can login to submit a Topic, and other users could reply to that topic. By showing the students how to do that, it will give them more information on how to distinguish between a doGet and a doPost within the Servlet context.

Hope to see you in the next session.

Project Page

here. Please leave comments if you have any suggestions or need help in anything.

Source Code

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