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NBA Live 08 Resolution wide screen Fix Patch

Posted on October 28, 2007, 4:00 pm EST

Most people have a wide screen display and for gaming, it is amazing to own one. I am a long time fan of EA Sports, but these couple of years they do not support wide screen resolutions in their games,they allow 4:3 full screen resolutions but not 16:10 widescreen resolution. This patch that I have created fixes this issue!

Since I bought this game, I was really annoyed that EA does not support innovation and progress in gaming. There is no such thing as a good port in EA's dictionary. I am sorry to say that, but they keep on porting games from consoles to PC where everything is messed up (not high graphics, no widescreen support, etc). But I really wanted to play NBA 08, so I programmed a patch that will replace "nbalive08.exe" with a one that works!

NBA Live 08 Resolution Patch

The patch is programmed in C# in the .NET 2.0 framework. The process is single click simulation, so you don't need to deal with anything else! The original Executable is backed up in case something wrong happens. So far it works with the original build of NBA Live 08. And only tested on my computer. I only allowed 4 widescreen resolution, if others are needed, please place a comment and I will recompile a newer fix. As of the newest update, you can manually enter your resolution, the default resolution would be shown once application is started.

This patch only changes the resolution of the game from 800x600 to any desired resolution since EA blocked all Widescreen resolutions.

This patch only affects when you play the match, not the Main Menu. And your resolution MUST be set to 800x600 in settings for this to work!

Please leave a comment if this helped or you will need more info! Take care! Have fun playing!

Screenshot Max Default Resolution: 1280x1024

Screenshot FIXED Max Resolution: 1680x1050

Download here:

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