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Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 SP1 RC released

Posted on December 6, 2007, 5:55 pm EST

This morning, Microsoft released Windows Vista SP1 to MSDN Subscribers. The update they released is called "Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC - EXE (Multiple Languages)", and it is 879 MB in size.

The main goal of this Service Pack 1 is to address the feedback Microsoft has been received from its customers. According to the SPI whitepages Microsoft states "Windows Vista SP1 will deliver improvements and enhancements to existing features that significantly impact customers, but it does not deliver substantial new operating system features." Windows Vista SP1 focuses on 3 main aspects:

  • Quality improvements, including all previously released updates, which address reliability, security, and performance.
  • Improvements to the administration experience, including BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE).
  • Support for emerging hardware and standards, such as an Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) and an Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT).

Within Quality Improvements, Windows Vista SP1 will include all the updates included that were in Windows Update panel, as well as major security and performance improvents. For example, the main frustrations about Windows Vista RTM was that copying, shutdown, moving files, many crashes, hardware failures, the most known hangings are fixed :)

Many security updates and administration updates. A brand new Hardware Standard which will finally fix hardware compatability issues. Alot of reliability concerns are being solved within this SP1 release such as:

  • Newer Graphic cards (was poor performance)
  • External monitors
  • Networking (disconnects for no reason)
  • Many Printer Drivers
  • The most known "Sleep and HIbernation".

According to the Windows Vista blog, they improved the following performances within Windows Vista:

  • Speed of copying and extracting files
  • No more delays when joining off domain pc's
  • Hibernation and Resume time to be active is much faster!
  • Internet Explorer 7 in Vista Javascript handling has better CPU utilization.
  • Laptops Batter Life reducing CPU utilizations
  • And many minor UI improvements
  • Bandwidth speed within current intranat (network) fixed. It was showing incorrect high speeds.

I discussed many benefits as they pretty cool :) But remember, when you plan to install this update, you would have to download a huge 1 GB update file (which is multilingual). Installing this service pack will require a large amount of free disk space. About 7GB for 32bit systems and 12GB for 64bit systems. But don't worry, most of the space will be reclaimed after installation. Just make sure you have that much space!

Thats it :) Inside scoop for Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate.

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