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I just contributed my 100th patch to Google Chrome today

Posted on September 12, 2009, 12:08 am EST

Chromium is an open source browser that Google created. As an external contributor, I have been contributing patches in some of my spare time. As the second external contributor to Chome, Google gave me committer access to the project which is awesome.

I only had 22 patches committed for me by Google employees within the first 6 months of contributing to Google Chrome, but after they granted me committer access in June 2009, it seemed my productivity increased. It actually quadrupled the amount of fixes/features going into Google Chrome. I ask myself why? A simple answer, I love what I am doing. Every code snippet I write, every review I comment, will affect a browser that many people will use. That amount of responsibility, is awesome to have.

I don't know why the amount of patches I am doing is increasing, maybe because its a nice feeling working on a product that millions of people use. I am learning a lot from the Googlers more than I have ever learned before. By being part of the Chromium team, and being surrounded by one of the most talented group people in the world, has made me a better Software Engineer. I am learning so much from that group, it is unbelievable.

Prior to fixing my first bug in chrome, I didn't know any C++, python, Linux Gtk, C++/python testing, software engineering processes, etc. The extensive code review process and live peer mentoring is what's awesome in this project. Google is so open in their processes, it is nice to learn from them.

Since now I submitted my 100th patch, I have learned C++, Python, Gtk+, Git, gdb, testing frameworks, accessibility, software processes, code style, best engineering practices in the languages, and gained many awesome friends. I just want to thank the Chromium community and Google for allowing me be in this awesome open source project, and I haven't seen a software project in my life that they give so much heart into. They argue about everything, such as, quality, performance, every single pixel that gets added to any ui, etc...

If only I have more time to work on Chromium, I would have submitted 1000 patches! I highly recommend any software developer to contribute to chromium. You will not only learn from the brightest engineers in the world, you will be part of a community that cares about the software they are developing. As well, you will be part of a project that will change the way we look at the Internet. How cool is that?

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