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Just released RhymeBrain on Android

Posted on September 12, 2010, 10:34 am EST

Want to figure out which words sound similar? RhymeBrain, rhyme's any word you give it intelligently. You can drill down on every word to find out which word sounds best for you. You can filter the words based on offensive words and you can show only real words.


Using Steve Hanov's awesome RhymeRankTM system, we created this simple to use Android App. Each result is grouped by a score that is separated by an orange line.

FAQ from RhymeBrain:

Using advanced artificial intelligence techniques, RhymeBrain
figures out how to pronounce a word even if it has never seen 
it before. RhymeBrain then compares it to the 260,000 words
in its database to find ones that sound similar.
Finally, it sorts them so that the best rhymes appear first, using
our RhymeRankTM system.



RhymeBrain RhymeBrain
RhymeBrain RhymeBrain


It is on the Market right now, for free so please help me test it with all the unique devices out there. Scan this QR Code to download the app! Or search for RhymeBrain from the Market.

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