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My favourite Google Chrome extensions

Posted on December 31, 2010, 12:01 am EST

Well, I just want to give my shoutouts to the extensions that I love, and need recognition. I basically use them every single day. Some of them you can see, some of them run in the background. Everywhere I go, I recommend them :) Unfortunately, none on that list is what I created :)

Google Quick Scroll

My most useful extension ever! I love exploring the web, Googling my way through many topics and entertainment. One of my most annoying actions for Googling before was finding out where in that large webpage the content I Googled. Quick Scroll lets you jump directly to the relevant bits of a Google search results. I absolutely love it!


I subscribe to many RSS feeds, and Feedly is a real clean and easy to figure out User Interface. It understands my Google Reader account really nicely, and I enjoy reading my feeds on it in real time. I usually install the RSS Subscription Extension to figure out if a page has a feed or not, and if I like the author of that webpage, I know instantaneously know I can subscribe to it. If you have other RSS readers that connect nicely to Google Reader, please let me know.


I didn't ming when every website added those sharing buttons to every single post. But I really hated when third parties such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, added some tracking information the webpages, such as Fans. I get really distracted from the website itself, and I don't use those features. Disconnect, really disconnects them from web. It really works! It uses the "beforeload" event handler so it guarantees those services will never make it to the website. I personally like to control the information I make public or visible, I don't like websites tracking me.


This is clearly the most popular Chrome extension. The title says it all, blocks ads all over the web. I actually enable Google search ads, I find them relevant. But every other ad, I really don't like, they distract me from the content, expecially those annoying "like dislike" Facebook Ads. Horrible! I somehow get offended seeing Facebook ads.

IE Tab =)

So why did I pick IE? Many corporate websites of mine don't work well with Chrome, or render well with Chrome. Since I am on the Canary version of Google Chrome, sometimes Chrome messes up rendering. By clicking a simple button, the renderer switches to an IE renderer on that page. It is useful for testing, to see if your website is compatible with IE. Would be cool if there were a FireFox and Opera plugin. Will make testing cross browser easier.

Some other extensions that I use

I don't use these extensions alot, but they are pretty cool, and I use them once in a while.

  • exfm: Pretty neat way to discover music on the web and make it your library!
  • Chromed Bird: One of the earliest Twitter clients, and if you use Twitter alot, this is pretty cool. It uses the whole Extension stack.
  • Eye Dropper: I love colors, I am addicted to colours! When I explore the web, any color I see, I love saving it to my collection and experiment with it. I used to take a screenshot of my webpage, and open up my favourite image editor program and extract the colours from it. That becomes a hassle, Eye Dropper, solves it with one click.
  • Chrome to Phone: I use my cell phone a lot, I am in a hurry usually, and I don't like interrupting what I am doing online when reading an article, watching a video, etc. This solves it, sends it to my phone instantaneously. I even like it when I select a phone number, it calls it :)
  • JSON View: Many webservices are using JSON as their response, it is the easiest to handle in JavaScripts. Without this extension, viewing JSON data is ugly, you don't see the markup or the structure which makes JSON important. This extension solves that, you see a pretty structured JSON document if you visit it.

The extensions that I developed

Well, I created some extensions that helped me in some situations, but helped others greatly. I usually create extensions that people want, not necessarily what I want. Since I am active in the Chrome mailing lists and official Chrome forums, the result of these extensions were requested from users. Believe it or not, they wont use Chrome without these extensions :) Of course, as usual, everything is open sourced on my GitHub page!

  • Reload All Tabs: Many people wanted a way to reload all tabs in their window, or all windows. But you couldn't do that in Chrome, while in other browsers you could. Initially I submitted a patch to do this natively, but it was rejected because they thought this is not a feature that many people want, which I agreed. When they implemented extensions for Chrome, I quickly made that, and it made many people happy!
  • Set Image as Wallpaper: This was the most requested feature, thousands of people wanted it for over a year. This was an awesome feature to work with, a pretty complex one too. Every browser has an option to set an image as a wallpaper, except Google Chrome. This uses neat HTML5 technology to preview before setting it. You have options to Stretch, Center, Fill, Fit, and Tile. It was featured on many known blogs and praised by many. Believe it or not, I usually never used this feature on other browsers, but now I do :) Kinda cool changing your wallpaper every day or so.
  • Open link in foreground tab: All links in Chrome opens in background, this will add a context menu to open a link in the foreground.
  • Prayer Times: Muslim praying times schedule that uses geolocation to get the sunset and sunrise. It doesn't require an online connection to get the prayer times, and it has a complete month to month prayer schedule by a click of a button.

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